Leonard A. Brown Business/Accounting Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the family of Leonard A. Brown.

Leonard A. Brown grew up during the Great Depression. He knew what it was like to be poor, how to be conservative, how to work hard. He had several jobs during his youth and attended Draughn's Business College in Springfield taking accounting & business classes. He then joined the United States Coast Guard and was stationed at Pearl Harbor during World War II. He worked in the Accounting Department. He then started his own business “Brown Bookkeeping & Tax Service” in the early 50's. With great determination, integrity & self discipline he had a very successful accounting business for over 40 years. He believed in being self employed and being conservative with your earnings. He encouraged getting a good education, so this is why the family has chosen this scholarship in his memory.

This scholarship was established by the family of Leonard A. Brown. He was a very successful self-employed accountant. The recipient must be a senior, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0, and have attended Marshfield High School for at least two years. The student must show an interest in Business or Accounting. Further preference is given to students who demonstrate financial need.  Annual selection is made by the family of Leonard A. Brown, with recommendation by the school counseling office.  The Marshfield Public Schools Foundation administers the $1,000 scholarship – paid in a single installment at the time of enrollment, directly to the institution of choice.  The scholarship is non-renewable.